Jan Kathryn Powers

Family Heritage Life Insurance Company of America

Smith County Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce our newest member, Jan Powers, local agent with Family Heritage.
You cannot predict the future, but you can prepare. All of us know someone who has suffered an accident or battled a serious illness like cancer or heart disease. In addition to the emotional strain, there can be financial challenges. Family Heritage offers refundable supplemental insurance that protects your financial security if you or a family member should suffer an accident or battle a serious illness. It’s free for businesses to offer to their employees with no payroll deductions. Furthermore, the premiums are affordable, we pay in addition to any other insurance you have and if you stay healthy the premiums are refunded. Jan Powers is the local agent with Family Heritage for Smith County. Give Jan a call at 812-890-2281or email her at jkpowers20@gmail.com for more information about Family Heritage Life Insurance Co. of America.

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