Teresa Turner Court Reporter

The Smith County Chamber of Commerce is proud to highlight a new chamber member, Teresa Turner.  She has an interesting, exciting and vital job as a court reporter.  She provided the following statement for our spotlight of her activity: “I have been a full-time court reporter for over 39 years and counting.  My father and grandfather were attorneys and judges for many years and suggested to me asa sophomore in high school that I should pursue a lucrative career in court reporting. I attended Middle TN State University and graduated with my Special Business License in Court Reporting in 1974.  I am one of the few stenographers, (pen writers) who take all  sworn testimony by handwritten shorthand.  So if the electricity goes out, I keep on going.  I remember taking depositions along fence rows in Fentress County w/a fence post holding my shorthand pad for balance, and standing outside of vehicles because of injured clients being unable to get out of their vehicles taking down their sworn testimonies by pen and pad.  No back-up recorder.  I have had guns pulled on me twice, a serious offense as I am an officer of the courts in Tennessee.  I freelance which gives me the luxury choosing who I work for, when and where.  Court Reporters take down sworn testimony; court, medical testimony, discovery, examinations under oath, etc.  Beginning 3 yrs. ago we now have to attend classes for continuing education credits, and we are now certified, licensed court reporters.  This is a career I love as every day is a different scene, a different story, a different town, and different people!”  We ask all chamber members to let us know about your business and how we can assist you in your work.  The Smith County Chamber of Commerce mission is to help build a strong economy here in Smith County and it starts with solid, dependable, and trustworthy members like the ones we have here.Teresa Turner Court Reporter

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